The One-Person Automatic Car Cover

Car Cloak

CAR CLOAK is the One Person Automatic Car Cover, Providing Speed & Ease with the Click of a Button!

protect your Vehicles

No matter if your car is a vintage collectible,  your dream exotic sportscar, or simply what you drive to work everyday, your automobile is a major investment. You want to preserve it as best you can: from UV rays, rain, dust, bird droppings, animals, and more. Car Cloak does that!

simplify your life

You’ve made the wise decision to get a car cover to protect your vehicle. But traditional car covers are a hassle to store or put on and off, particularly for one person.  With Car Cloak, these things are push-button easy, prompting  you to use your car cover more often for greater vehicle protection!


Simple installation and removal for everyday use.


Use the free key fob or mobile app (coming soon) to cover & uncover your vehicle in seconds.


Key fob access offers a secondary method of operation.


Includes Motion Detector Alarm and Anti-Theft Accessories.


One-Touch Deployment for Speed and Full Vehicle Coverage.


Rechargeable battery pack and charger included.

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Car Cloak: The Automatic Car Cover. Get Yours Today!

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