About Car Cloak

The Car Cloak Automatic Cover makes it easy to protect your car ‘s finish. Simply set it on the car roof. Use the handy key fob or mobile app to unspool or rewind the cover quickly. The durable, treated polyurethane material protects your car from scratches, sunlight, UV rays, rain, frost, tree sap, bird droppings, dust and grime. 

The Car Cloak

  • Simple installation and removal for everyday use.
  • Use the free mobile app or key fob to cover and uncover your vehicle in seconds.
  • Key fob access offers a secondary method of operation.
  • Includes Motion Detector Alarm and Anti-Theft Accessories.
  • One-Touch Deployment for Speed and Full Vehicle Coverage.
  • Rechargeable battery pack and charger included.


Anthony, Decades Auto Restoration

”I am the owner of Decades Auto Restoration. Car Cloak brought my booth so much attention at the Corvette Chevy Expo in Galveston,TX. I sold three times the amount of product, Thank you Car Cloak!”

Donna, Car Cloak Customer

”I use my Car Cloak everyday when I come home to keep the dust, debris, and cats off my car.” 

Four Color Options



White (coming soon)

Dark Gray (coming soon)

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